Christian Seguin

Registered Physiotherapist

Christian Séguin graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1997 with a B.Sc. in Physiotherapy and more recently obtained a Clinical Doctorate in Physiotherapy in 2015. Following his Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) Sport Certificate (1999) and Sport Diploma (2001), he has been serving regularly as Canadian Team Physiotherapist and Chief Therapist for multiple international games. Every year, he assists as examiner in the national examination process for the SPC division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and serves as Chair on the SPC Curriculum Review Committee. Christian successfully completed the Clinical Specialist program through the CPA in the field of Sport Physiotherapy. Since 2001, Christian’s interest and training in forensic rehabilitation has been put to use for the Superior Court of Ontario.

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Christian Séguin’s Professional Profile

Business Address:
314a 9th Street West,
Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3A7

Tel: 613-936-0676

Email: [email protected]

Bilingual: French and English


Academic Background

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy, EIM Institute, Louisville, KY 2015
  • B.Sc. Physiotherapy, Magna Cum Laude, University of Ottawa, 1997
  • Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, Sport Physiotherapy Canada, Toronto, 2001
  • Flight Paramedic Certification, Sunnybrook Trauma Centre, Toronto, 1991
  • Aero-Medical Physiology and Evacuation Certification, Seneca College, Toronto, 1990
  • Basic Trauma Life Support, University of Montreal, Algonquin College, 1989, 1999
  • Ambulance and Emergency Care, (with distinction), Algonquin College, Ottawa, 1987



  1.  Whitewater Injuries, Momentum: The Official Newsletter of Sport Physiotherapy Canada, Summer 1999, pp.13-16
  2. Back at Work: “A Complete Back Care and Lifting Program”, self edited, Copyright Back at Work 2000, 52 pages. Co-authored with Ms. Alana Francis (B.Sc.PT)
  3. “The Past Giving to the Future”:  feature article in Leadership Special Issue in the physiotherapy professional publication Physiotherapy Practice (Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Publication), April-May 2017.


Physiotherapy Related Experience

June 2005 to present Physiotherapist/Owner: Active Sport Physiotherapy Clinic. A Private practice evaluating and treating mostly an orthopaedic caseload and specializing in sport injury conditions.
March 2014 Consultant for McKesson Canada (pharmaceutical distribution company) for Orthopedic Bracing Revision and Classification: Classifying various products into clinical preference.  Formatting algorithm templates for pharmacy personnel from referral to product fitting.
October- November 2015 Keynote Speaker for McKesson Canada (pharmaceutical distribution company): Bracing Up for Dysfunction Seminar. A one-day training program for pharmacy personnel on brace fitting, choosing the best products upon medical referral and classification of products. Nine seminars across Canada: Moncton, Sudbury, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, London, Ottawa
2000-2006 Physiotherapist and Manager of the Centre Professionnel du Havre (Valleyfield, Québec),
A general orthopaedic clinic in a multi-disciplinary centre.  Served as Acting Clinic Manager from Feb. 2003 to March 2006
2001-2006 Teacher: Sport Physiotherapy class (PHT 4541) University of Ottawa, Department of Health Sciences, School of Rehabilitation.
Co-Responsible for teaching the final year university students in Sport Physiotherapy and establishing the course curriculum
1999-2000 Physiotherapist of the WorkWise Physiotherapy and Disability Management Centre Inc.
A clinic specializing in sport injuries, independent assessments and industrial rehabilitation. Physiotherapists for the Ottawa 67’s, Junior Senators, Junior Riders Football Team and South Ottawa Canadians Jr. B Hockey Team.
1998-2000 Physiotherapist/Owner of the ACCESSIBLE Physiotherapy Clinic
A mobile Physiotherapy clinic exploring and offering on-site rehabilitation and ergonomic services to various industries. Also a well-equipped on-site sport physiotherapy clinic.
1998-1999 Physiotherapist
Contracted by the Physio Sport Plus Clinic, a private practice seeing mostly an orthopaedic caseload and specializing in sport injury conditions
1998 Assistant Clinical Teacher – University of Ottawa Physiotherapy program
Part-time assistant for Dr. Tremblay for the laboratory of Electromodality course. I was responsible for teaching the micro-current course.
1998 Assistant Clinical Teacher – University of Ottawa Physiotherapy program
Part-time assistant for Dr Brosseau and Dr. Harman for some of the laboratories of the goniometry, surface anatomy and muscle testing courses
1997 Physioherapist
Contracted by the Ottawa Valley Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Clinic, a private practice seeing mostly an orthopaedic caseload ranging from industrial injuries to sport specific related injuries or general orthopaedic conditions.


Industrial Evaluation and Rehabilitation Experience

2001 to present Industrial Rehabilitation Consultant and Clinical Ergonomist

An on-site consultant service agency focusing on education seminars, back injury management at work, ergonomic evaluations and work task analysis.  Clients included federal government, Ontario Health Units, Children Aid’s offices and professional offices.

2000-2001, 2007-present Court Expertise Consultations.  

Including pre-court FCE and Independent evaluation, case consultation and court preparation.

1999,2000 Independent Physiotherapy Evaluator  (see WorkWise Experience above)

Managing/assessment a variety of complex rehabilitation cases for consult, rehabilitation management and forensic purposes.  Part of a multi-disciplinary assessment group including physiotherapist, occupational therapist, vocational counsellor, ergonomist, orthopaedic surgeon and physiatrist.  Also part of the Catastrophic Assessment Team.



Industrial assessment and Forensic Training and Courses

Functional Capacity Evaluation Course
The Matheson System; administration, interpretation, reporting and criticizing of FCE.

Advanced Functional Evaluation Course: The Matheson System (Toronto)
Understanding of how to apply the current research in ability and disability to their areas of practice.  Improve the defensibility of FCE reports and better answer the questions of referral sources and the courts.  Provide a literature update on key articles and research pertaining to the field of FCE.Forensic Rehabilitation

Course with Roy Matheson
An Advanced Workshop on the evaluation of work capacity.  Collecting data and analysing and reporting on the functional and quality of life consequences of injury in a court of law.

Manual Therapy Spinal and Extremity Courses and Post-Graduate Certifications:
E3V3 levels E1, E2, E3 (Extremity 1-3) and V1, V2, V3 (Vertebrae 1-3)

A series of courses (8 days each) focusing on manual therapy techniques, musculoskeletal pathology/conditions and latest research.

Upper, Lower Quadrant

Integration of Upper quadrant (neck and upper extremity) and lower quadrant (Lower back and lower extremities) after E3-V3 series. (10 days each).

McKenzie Part A

Australian approach focusing on lower back disk dysfunction/hernia (4 days).

Mulligan mobilization (Upper/Lower quadrant)

Australian approach(2 courses: upper extremity, lower extremity) focusing on active joint mobilisations (NAGS AND SNAGS techniques) for the spine and extremities (6 days).

Neural Mobilization Course (Upper/Lower Quadrant)

Anatomy, physiology,manual therapy, techniques for neurodynamic dysfunctions (4 days).

Hand Therapy Course

Anatomy review, post-surgical conditions, orthopedic conditions, splinting and exercises for the hand and wrist.

Lyn Watson Shoulder Course Level 1 & 2

Anatomy review, orthopaedic shoulder dysfunctions, post-operative conditions, Rotator cuff tear and repair, impingement syndrome, assessment skill and treatment techniques, manual therapy, exercise principles and programs (6 days).

Post-Graduate Sport Therapy Related Courses  
Gunn – IMS Course (dry needling – acupuncture) (Part 1 and 2)

Intra-muscular Stimulation through acupuncture needling technique:  a modern medicine approach addressing chronic pain conditions, muscle fiber shortening, chronic inflamed tendons.

New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries

The latest literature, discussion, training techniques, coaching and tretment technique on running injuries.  In-depth biomechanical analysis cross-linking training errors with running pathology (3 days).

Sport Massage & Sport Physiotherapy Level II Course

A Sport Physiotherapy pre-examination preparation course addressing sport equipement analysis, emergency first response, advanced taping techniques, sport injury management (3 days).

Athletic Taping Courses (3 courses)

1 beginner and 2 advanced levels

Sport Swiss Ball Courses (2 courses)

Training and Therapy. A comprehensive swiss ball exercise course focusing on core and upper/lower extremity strengthening (4 days total).

Fit-Fore-Golf:  Golf Injury and Rehabilitation, Level I

Golf: Biomechanical analysis of the golf swing, literature and epidemiology review of golf injuries, injury management, working with the Golf Pro, pre-season exercise programs and return to the golf season (3 days).

Certified Fitness Consultant (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)

Standardised physical fitness testing looking and flexibility, strength and cardio-vascular capacity following adapted exercise physiology guidelines(3 days).

A Seminar on the Athlete’s shoulder – by David Magee,PT, PhD and Ron Mattison

An overview of shoulder pathology, biomechanical analysis of throwing injuries, post-operative care, exercise programs.

Training Program Design in Sport Physiotherapy – Bruce Craven

Training and conditioning based on the latest literature and international coaching practices according to sports, energy source (ATP, anaerobic or aerobic), morphotype/sex differences (3 days).

Paramedic-Related Courses
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS – Advance Level)
Medication Certification: Symptom Relief Program
Defibrillator Provider
Certificate of Aero Medical Training, School of Operational & Aerospace Medicine, Toronto
Advance First Aid/First Responder and CPR Instructor for St-John Ambulance 1986-2007


Other Work Experience

1992-1997 Paramedic Level I

(defibrillator, medication, ventilator), Cornwall Provincial Ambulance Service

1992-2006 Emergency Health Consultant

Contracted by various universities/community colleges, fire departments, ambulance services, industries and sport clubs to set up first response teams, staff training, first responder, first aid, CPR and oxygenotherapy training.

1990-1992 Critical Care Flight Paramedic, Level III

(intubation, intravenous, medication, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, defibrillation and external pacemaker, advanced obstetrics, paediatrics and neonatal resuscitation skills, needle thoracotomy, MAST, intraosseous infusion), Timmins, Ontario, Bandage 4 Jet  Aircraft

1987-1990 Ambulance Officer

Cornwall, Alexandria, St-Lawrence & District Ambulance Services


Committees and Volunteer Work

Committee Work
Chair Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) Curriculum Review Committee, 2016-2017
Clinical Specialist Consultant for SPC Title Committee, Sport Physiotherapy Canada, 2016
Executive Member of the Medical Committee, RBC National Junior A Hockey Championship, 2008
Chair – Appeal Committee for National Exam for Sport Physiotherapy Committee 2002
Executive Member of the Clinical Services Committee for the International Francophone Games 2001
Executive Member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada – Ottawa District, 1999, 2000, 2001
Executive Member of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association – Ottawa District Board, Editor of the Newsletter: CPA Keep in Touch, 1996, 1997

Examiner Work
National Examiner for Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC)  Sport Certificate and Sport Diploma levels, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013 to 2018
National Examiner for the Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine (CASEM) – Diploma of Sport Medicine, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013
Provincial Classifier for Athletes – International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics Standards, March 2011

Sport Event Coverage

Jeux de la Francophonie (World Francophone Games), Nice, France, Fall 2014

Chief Therapist Experience

World Francophone Games, Nice, France, 2013

World University Games, Harbin, China, 2009

RBC Cup, Canadian Junior A Hockey Championship, Winter 2008

Canadian Special Olympics Winter Games, 2000

Junior Riders Football Team, !997, 1998 and 1999 seasons

Myers Riders Midget Football Team, 1999 season

World Whitewater Kayak Rodeo Championship, 1997

World Francophone Games: Clinical Coordinator for Polyclinic and Site event, Ottawa-Hull, Summer 2001

World Francophone Games: Event Coordinator and Chief Physiotherapist: sport event coverage for Sport Canada (Ottawa District and Region), 1999 and 2000 mandates

Other Major Sport Events Covered (other than above):
Youth Olympic Winter Games – Fourth Edition, Lillehammer, March 2016

Youth Olympic Summer Games —First Edition, Singapore, August 2010

World University Games, Bangkok, Summer 2007

World Synchronized Figure Skating Championship, 2003

Francophone Games IV, Ottawa, Host Medical Team, 2001


Canadian Synchronized Figure Skating Championship, 2010

Canada Winter Games, Whitehorse, Winter 2007

Canadian Figure Skating Championships, 1999 and 2006

Canadian Firefighter Curling Championship, Winter 2004

Junior National Tennis Championship, 2002

Canadian Precision Skating Championship, 1998 and 2001

Training Camp, National Para-Olympic Volleyteam Team, Ottawa, 2000

Memorial Cup, OHL, April 1999

National Capital Cup: International Field Hockey Championship, 1997 and 1999

Canadian National Gymnastic Competition, 1997


Official Physiotherapist for the JR. Hockey teams,

Ottawa 67’s, South Ottawa Canadian, 1999 season

Selected Substitute

Pan-Am Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2007

Francophone Games, Niamey, Niger, 2005

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Canadian/Ontario Physiotherapy Association: Sport and Orthopaedic Division
  • Member of the College of Physiotherapist of Ontario, Authorized Independent Practitioner
  • Member Registered of WSIB – Work Safety & Insurance Board
  • Member Registered of HCAI – Health Claim for Automobile Insurance
  • Member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada
  • Member of Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of Acupuncture Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain
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