Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapist, Jenny Lee, has undergone specialised training which has taught her how to address pelvic health by assessing and treating the muscles and tissues of the pelvis. Though not often discussed in the open, issues regarding pelvic health and dysfunction, such as bladder leakage and sexual dysfunction, are common problems which can be helped with rehabilitation. The goal of pelvic rehabilitation is to empower the patient by providing the tools and knowledge that they need to take back control, overcome pelvic dysfunction, and achieve their personal goals. Assessment and treatment are carried out in a professional and respectful manner and will be guided by the patient’s personal comfort level.

Jenny is rostered and authorized with the Ontario College of Physiotherapist to assess and treat pelvic musculature. She will use a combination of exercise, education, manual therapy, and modalities help the patient regain control, reduce pain, and maximise function of the tissues of the pelvic region. The most common conditions that are treated by pelvic health physiotherapists are;

  • urinary incontinence and urgency, but physiotherapy can also help with the following:
  • Assessing and treating issues related to the pelvic floor such pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, sexual dysfunction and low back and hip pain.
  • Contribute to a smooth transition into menopause by addressing key changes in the pelvic floor.
  • Post-cancer pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Creating a return-to-activity plan to get you back to your regular activities symptom free, whether day to day, or high level sport.
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